Are you finding financial assistance for your startup business? Initiating a startup is a challenge on its own. One of the biggest challenges is related to finance. To become a unicorn startup, you must find a suitable investor.

If you have a similar concern, you are in the right place. Read this blog to know more.

Are You Raising Funds For Your Startup?

If you have started a startup, you might face some daily challenges. Maintaining all the aspects of your work can be difficult. To grow your startup financially, you need to raise funds.

There is more than one way to raise a fund. Let's look at some ways to raise funds for your startup:

  • Personal Money
  • Seeking help from family and friends
  • Bank loans
  • Seeking help from investors and venture

Investing personal money is the safest way if you have enough money to invest in your business. But many people don't have that huge sum. In that case, seeking an investor can be a great option.

An investor will give funds and guidance for running your business in the long term.

  • Solid business idea
    Before raising a fund for your startup, you must prepare early. The first solid step is to create a strong business idea. If your business framework is strong, you can easily get funds.
  • Know the funding process Different ventures have their way of funding. You need to attend consistent meetings and know about the funding basics. It will eventually help on a positive note.
  • Know the funding source Before raising a fund, you must conduct some basic research from your side. You must know the background details about the source from where you are getting your fund.
  • Develop a strong pitch It is advisable to develop a strong pitch rather than relying on the existing template. The investors want to hear about your business and why they should invest. It would help if you focused on your business problems and the solution.

Ashish Aggarwal

Ashish Aggarwal is a prominent Investor in India. With a Masters in Business Management, Paris, Ashish has led the growth of several businesses. His passion for innovation and excellent people's skills has driven him to bring several international brands to India. He is constantly in search for ways to improve existing solutions with the help of technology. His vast experience keeps him driven towards bringing technology to the aid of pain points in the industry.

Ashish Aggarwal ACube Venture

ACube Venture is a global business group that provides complete business solutions under one roof.

The group of companies is spread across 35 countries of the world. Under the supervision of Ashish Aggarwal, the group solves global business problems.

ACube Venture has created a business network channel across the globe. With AR/VR technology, ACube indulges in the industrial and education sectors.

ACube provides kitchenware, office interiors, real estate, sports-driven products, and industrial solutions.

Ashish Aggarwal Space Mantra

Space Mantra is a one-stop marketplace that provides construction-based products. The motive of the space mantra is to build innovative construction projects. It is a huge initiative that employs several workers.

Space Mantra is a robust organization that provides sustainable solutions. Integrated with the technology, the company tends to fulfil its clients' demands.

Space Mantra services and product category:

  • Building materials
  • Doors & Windows
  • Tiles & Flooring
  • Surface & Wall Finishing
  • Plumbing & Bathroom
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Furniture
  • D├ęcor
  • Safety & Security

Ashish Aggarwal Indo Innovation

Indo Innovations is an umbrella brand initiated in 1995. The company is leading in providing office and sports furniture products.

Since its establishment, the company has been prominent in furniture solutions for offices, sports complexes, lounges, and furniture.

Indo Innovation product category:

  • Panel-based workstation
  • Work-based workstation
  • Files and storages