About Ashish Aggarwal

About CEO of ACube Ventures Global Pvt. Ltd.

Ashish Aggarwal is the CEO of ACube Ventures, a group holding company. With a Masters in Business Management, Paris, Ashish has led the growth of several businesses. His passion for innovation and excellent people's skills has driven him to bring several international brands to India. He is constantly in search for ways to improve existing solutions with the help of technology. His vast experience keeps him driven towards bringing technology to the aid of pain points in the industry.

Under the leadership of Ashish Aggarwal, ACube Ventures Group is powered by high tech innovations and driven by passion to provide efficient solutions. ACube Ventures has become a Global Business Group that caters to a wide spectrum of business needs. With a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distribution channels ACube Ventures Group is spanning in more than 35 countries. It is also quick to respond to global challenges, create unique deliverables as per requirements and deliver consistent solutions.

Aggarwal's Space Mantra encourages individuals to carefully curate their possessions, opting for quality over quantity and prioritizing functionality and aesthetics. This approach helps in fostering a sense of harmony and balance within the home, allowing for better concentration and creativity to flourish.
AR/VR K12 content

Through our innovative immersive technology solutions, we aim to augment human capacity.

Office Furniture and Sports Infra

We are a smart solution provider catering to a diverse portfolio and leading suppliers of modular office furniture and sports infra.


Driven by our passion to make cooking an empowering experience, we create inimitable products for contemporary kitchen needs.

Office Furniture – Block Buy & Rent

We are a leading provider of premium office furniture solutions, offering both Buy (via marketplace) and Rent (via rental schemes) options to choose from.